Pandemic Supply Chain Planning

COVID-19 Supply Chain Planning

We are committed to supply chain excellence in this unknown period.

Plantensive is assisting our clients for life during this pandemic. There is no "one size fits all" approach. The need to assess your current supply chain management methods is the first aspect towards developing a strategy to make the necessary changes going forward. Rather than making ad-hoc adjustments to your supply chain, our advisory team is helping clients take a more measured approach to the short-, medium-, and long-term effects that this pandemic will have and how your organization responds.

Plantensive can help with the following services:

Strategic Staffing / Professional Planning Concierge

In addition, Plantensive offers a professional planning concierge service that provides staff augmentation and strategic staffing for any type of work within the value chain. 

Blog Posts | COVID-19 Pandemic Supply Chain Planning Part 1 & 2 now available!

Supply Chain Topics to Consider:

  • How to be more agile in forecasting and planning to respond to demand disruptions
  • How long the COVID-19 outbreak will impact and what to plan for
  • Importance of knowing your customers in times of crisis
  • Cost of over or under reacting to unforeseen events like a pandemic
  • The role of forecasting and demand planning and stepping up to mitigate risk


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